Follow-up online meeting (17. December 2021)

Following the first face-to-face Transnational Project Meeting in Athens (03-06 November 2021), the project partners decided to have a short follow-up online meeting on 17. December 2021.

The agenda of the meeting was to discuss the following topics:

- New Colleagues from Greece
 - Publication
 - Training Module
 - Timetable
 - Questions and Concerns.

Kristos Kourowtzas, a colleague from Greece introduced himself. He will work on the IO2 (training package for elderly) and IO5 (toolkit for elderly education).

The texts for publication about ageism are ready in all countries, they will be published by Waxmann Verlag GmbH (Münster, Germany) in April, 2022.

Concerning the training packages for elderly persons (IO2) we discussed and decided to have two main modules:

1) Psychological and physical wellbeing combined with mindfulness and

2) Technological wellbeing with focussing on raising awareness module(s) about cyber-crimes among elderly and accessing public services, e.g. from online prescription to taking appointment. Some great ideas about mindfullness were presented by Ihsan Ça─čatay Ulus and he will be working on it in the future. We agreed to design the trainings in two groups with 10-15 elderly in each group and in total 25 hours (25x2= 50 hrs) because it is easier and more motivating and even more effective to work with smaller groups. In addition, a training booklet will be created with the modules.

There will be an evaluation of the training process and pre-post tests to be used for the modules. These will be presented and shared at the next transnational meeting in Poland (April 2022). It was decided that an article can be conducted with some volunteered partners on the results of the pre-post test and to include focus groups as well.

Wiselife team presented us a file with a timetable in order to see the output and activity type, starting-end period, short description, location and in some cases any other important additional information. Output 3 was also mentioned: all participating countries should make the socalled Documentary (O3), meaning that it is essential to make videos, photographs during the whole project period (31.12.2020.-31.06.2023) for the later documentation of the Wiselife project.

At the end of the online meeting some minor questions and concerns were discussed.