After the Trainings: Participants evaluation UAegean

After the Trainings: Participants  evaluation UAegean 


In this blog post we use the data collected from the evaluation of the training that took place from 13 to 24 June 2022 in the University of the Aegean for people over the age of 65, to highlight the importance of WISELIFE project for those people, as well as for society as a whole.

Opening Ceremony WISELIFE UAegean

When asked what they first thought when they found out about the existence of a programme for people over the age of 65, most people shared their happiness, as it provided a break from everyday routine. Indicatively, some answers given were the following:

“Something for us!”

“Great and eagerness to get away from the daily routine”

“It would be a pleasant break in my life”

“Great. A new experience”

“I could not imagine that it would be something I would enjoy so much. I thought it would not be something so worthwhile”

“This is for me! I then emailed Mr. Kouroutzas about my participation”

“I was glad that someone thought of us!”

“I accepted with great pleasure. As an experience”

“I was excited and wanted to attend. This programme motivates people”

Completion of WISELIFE forms  WISELIFE UAegean

In a question asking how they felt after the first two days of the programme, most stated that they felt great because they got the chance to socialize with others, happy and overall confident. Indicatively they replied:

“I would like to continue”

“When the first two days passed, I realized that this change gave me vitality and joy”

“Very happy and joyful”

“Very happy because I was not let down”

“Very satisfied, full of energy”

“I felt that the programme offered to me was so worthwhile that I had the interest to continue”

“Very satisfied. The programme with its variety of topics met my expectations.

“Excellent because I had missed the social contact”

“I felt happy. Something changed in my daily life”

“Joy, confidence”

“Very, very beautiful. All the subjects are very interesting. They motivated me to continue and after the end of the program. I made new friendships”

“I like it. I went with pleasure”

“Very nice. Without exaggeration I felt like a student again and at the same time like I was active teacher”


Gentle Chair Yoga and Meditation


When asked about their feelings on the last day of the programme, most felt sad that it was over, but happy that they got to participate. Indicatively they felt that:

“A week that took me out of the routine of everyday life. Happy because I gained new acquaintances and knowledge”

“I wish the programme had one more week”

“I was sad the days went by so fast”

“I feel sad because it’s over, but at the same time very happy for this experience”

“I was sad because it became a habit. I met a lot of friends and we had a lot of fun”

“Satisfaction that even though I had practical difficulties, I overcame them and participated. I feel sadness that this experience is over”

Regarding the most difficult moment in this journey, most people either stated that there was none, or just that the two hours of yoga tired them out a bit. Indicatively they said that:

“The hardest moment was when after the first day of yoga I was sore all over my body”

 “No difficult moments”

“I don't think there were any difficult moments. On the contrary, I enjoyed it as much as possible”

“There were no difficulties. It combined many different interesting subjects (yoga, computer, collage, clay, counselling...)”

In the question regarding the most beautiful moment they felt, most answered that the mornings they would meet were beautiful, or that they enjoyed the art activities and the company in general. Indicatively, they stated that:

“When a lady said that we'd bonded and we should meet again. At our age, it's difficult to make new friends when the countdown has begun”

“All the mornings I met the ladies of the group”

“I can't isolate any particular moment as all the moments included in the programme were wonderful”

“The daily meeting with the group and the rotation of topics. Also, the kindness and willingness of everyone, especially Mr. Kouroutzas”

“The whole trip was very nice”

“The company and the friendly atmosphere”

“The most beautiful moments when we were preparing for the participation in the mornings”

“Art activities”

“The company and the friendly atmosphere”


Group Guidance




Art Activites


When asked if they would return for another training, all of them answered positively with excitement. Indicatively their answers resembled the following:

“With great pleasure”


“Anytime they call me, I’ll be ready”

Moreover, all of them would recommend this programme to someone else. Indicatively, they said:


“I have suggested it and I am looking forward to other people in my environment to sign up”

“Absolutely! No one has anything to lose. There is only profit to be made”

 “I would gladly recommend it to others as well”

“Yes, unequivocally”


              Closing Ceremony WISELIFE UAegean

Group A – WISELIFE UAegean

Group B – WISELIFE UAegean

During the evaluation, participants describe their experiences through Cavafys’ poem, following C.O.P.I. framework.

Participants said (indicatively):

“The whole poem "Ithaca" symbolizes the perpetual journey of knowledge and experience”

“Ithaca gave us the nice trip. Without it we would not have gone on the road (journey)”

Lastly, when they were asked to write down a wish, a critique or anything else they deemed important, the replies were all very unique. Indicatively, we provide four of them:

“To do programmes like this in order to help elderly people”

“I wish more elderly people could have this opportunity for a nice trip like this”

“I wish the program could be done again for other people”

“I wish there were more programmes like wiselife”

“I wish a similar programme will take place again”

“I wish such programmes were held on a more regular basis”

“I wish that the cooperation between University of the Aegean and society will be successful and benefit for those to whom they are addressed”

“I thank all participants by my heart”

“I hope that such programmes will continue. They are very constructive”

“I wish that our participation added something to your scientific work that would make us extremely proud”

“To have health, freedom, love”

“I wish everyone is keeping well, healthy and happy”

“My wish would be to meet again soon”

“Knowledge. To meet all again at the University”

“I wish a similar programme will take place again and many people will participate in them”

“I wish that such meetings would take place more often”

“Those who created the program should lengthen it and do more computer technology classes”

“I would hope that such a program would be done again and that I would be back”

“I would like to see a programme like this again”



Closing Ceremony WISELIFE UAegean