6th TPM at Bartın University (13th April 2023)

6th  TPM at Bartın University (13th April 2023)

The 6th transnational project meeting of the project was held at Bartın University, Education Faculty on the 13th April, 2023. Our hosts were Hüseyin Kaygın and İhsan Çağatay Ulus. Some colleagues joined the meeting online.

After welcoming by the hosts we had the following agenda with the discussion of these topics:

Nesrin Oruç Ertürk’s presented aspects about

- Budgetary issues,

- Documentation,

- Next TPM and

- Blog entries.

The Output-5 The Toolkit was finalized. Aim of this output is to provide a toolkit for elderly education for CECs in order to reintegrate older people into society, to increase their happiness and facilitate their communication with other age groups. With the creation of this toolkit for CECs, awareness will be raised on ageism and efforts will be made to eliminate this discrimination. In this way, it is aimed to prevent the isolation of older people from the social sphere and to increase their visibility in the public sphere.

Following these recommendation, all institutions (Izmir University of Economics, Bartın University, University of the Aegean, Uniwersytet Lodzki, University of Szeged, Istituto Per Servizi Di Ricovero E Assistenza Agli Anziani) prepared their own toolkit expressing expertise, experience and competence of their colleagues and institutions. It was also decided that a printed booklet will be produced with the results of all toolkits.

Partners discussed the quantitaive and qualitative study about age discrimination and getting old. Qualitative data of this study was decided to be acquired from the interviews. The participating insitutions decided to finalize the study by June 2023.

It was decided that the last, 7th TPM will take place in Treviso, Italy between 7-9 June 2023 at the Istituto Per Servizi Di Ricovero E Assistenza Agli Anziani.

7th  TPM at I.S.R.A.A., Treviso (8th June 2023)

The final meeting of the Wiselife project took place in Treviso, Italy.  Our host, Oscar Zanutto made a presentation about the institution ISRAA and a movie was presented by ISRAA about the city Treviso.

Following the welcoming, Nesrin Oruç Ertürk’s presented about some administrative and budgetary issues. All partners should fill in the timesheets signed and stamped and send the originals until 15th of August 2023 to the Wiselife team. The final version of Toolkit was printed in a booklet and will be sent to all insitutions. Concerning the dissmemintaion, it was mentioned that it is important to collect all kind of information about the dissemination of the Wiselife Project.

Some further discussion took place about the qualitative and quantitative article to be published soon.

Our meeting was meant to be a closing ceremony that was also be attended by elderly individuals in Italy, Treviso. Therefore the TPM was held at Casa Albergo, the nursing home located in the city center. In this nursing home the majority of residents are self-sufficient and it is close to ISRAAS’  senior cohousing. So our hosts invited them, and we had the chance that some seniors were able to attend this closing ceremony. There Bilge Egemen’s movie, with some interviews with senior persons (with undertitle in English) as part of the digital memory was presented.

Since this was the final meeting of the Wiselife Project, we hope to have the chance to cooperate at some other project in the future.

It was a pleasure to work with all the colleagues!

Thank you!