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Participant of international projects under the Erasmus + program such as "EDGE: Education and Gender" and "Homo'poly". Assistant Professor Justyna Ratkowska-Pasikowska, M.A., graduated from the field of pedagogical sciences in the field of sexual pedagogy. She wrote her treatise on the attitudes of parents and parents about the sexual behaviors of preschool children. She is invited to lectures at other universities. She provided pedagogical and sexological counseling for city residents and students. She also conducted workshops on sex education. Her research concerns sexuality, normativity, and sexual health. She also deals with topics related to discrimination based on age, gender, race, etc. 

 Selected publications: • Ratkowska-Pasikowska, J., Jarecka-Żyluk, M. (2018). Coming out as an element of initiation in the labyrinth of survival in a total institution which is a school. In P.M. Rabensteiner, O. Holz, M. Michielsen (eds.). Teacher Education, Sustainability and Development. Challenges, Issues Solution for teaching in the 21st Century. Münster: LIT. • Ratkowska-Pasikowska, J. (2018). Pedagogy towards the problem of initiation. The first installment: from concept to application an attempt to reconstruct literature on the subject. Threads scattered, Zeszyty Naukowe Wyższej Szkoły Humanitas Pedagogika • Ratkowska-Pasikowska, J., Jarecka-Żyluk, M. (2018). Poland: Homosexuality Yesterday and Today. In K. De Witte, O. Holz, L. Geunis. Somewhere over the rainbow. Discussions on homosexuality in education across Europe. Münster: Waxmann Verlag.  • Ratkowska-Pasikowska, J., Jarecka-Żyluk, M. (2016). Role of Teacher, Culture and the Family in Sexual Education Context, Rocznik Naukowy Kujawsko-Pomorskiej Szkoły Wyższej w Bydgoszczy. Transdyscyplinarne Studia o Kulturze (i) Edukacji , 10  • Ratkowska-Pasikowska, J. (2014). Parents' and teachers' attitudes towards child sexual behaviour. In Jarecka-Zyluk, M. & Holz, O. (Eds.) (2014). Gender and Education from Different Angles. Münster: LIT.

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