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She was born in Jordan. In her childhood and youth she also lived in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, England and the USA. In 1990, while she was a student at the Department of Radio-TV and Cinema at Ege University, she started journalism as an editor for Foreign News in Yeni Asır. While she was in Yeni Asır, she made her first international interview with Yasser Arafat in Tunisia. After graduating from university, she settled in Istanbul and worked on Sabah, ATV, Kanal D, Star TV, Milliyet, TV8, Hürriyet Avrupa, CNN Türk, NTV, TRT Music. She made news, wrote columns or prepared programs and documentaries for media institutions such as TRT Documentary, TRT Arabic, TRT Türk, Artı 1, Cumhuriyet, Al Jazeera, İz TV. She worked as a lecturer at Bilgi University Media and Communication Systems. During her career, she prepared news, programs or documentaries in more than 70 countries. She followed many hot historical events such as the Kosovo War, the Iraq War, the Arab Spring in Egypt, the withdrawal of Israeli soldiers from Southern Lebanon, the Abdullah Öcalan trial, and the Taiwan earthquake. Breaking ratings records, "Devriye" on Kanal D with Ebru Keser between 1994-1999 was among the programs that left its mark on that period of Turkish television history. "Uzaktakiler", which is an international travel program on TV8 and lasted for 4 years, "My Life and My City" on CNN Turk, and "Notes in My Suitcase" on TRT Music are some of the culture - art - travel programs she prepared and presented. She produced documentaries such as "Palestine in the Footsteps of My Father" for TRT Arabic, "Life in Suspended Life", "The Child Minders" and "Hard Choice" for Al Jazeera World. She received awards from the Journalists Association of Turkey, Hürriyet Golden Butterfly and Magazine Journalists Association. She wrote books such as “Voices and Dances” and “Girls and Their Fathers” prepared for social responsibility projects of corporate companies. She still continues to shoot independent documentaries and promotional films, and writes columns for Hürriyet Ege and - She speaks English and Arabic.


•İBN BATUTA - Documentary - TRT Arabic -2019- Announcer

•"HOCA" - Documentary and Book – 2018- Director- Scriptwriter

•"1 KARS 11 KADIN" - BEIN İZ TV -2018- Director- Scriptwriter- Announcer

•"ANADOLU DÜĞÜNLERİ" - BEIN İZ TV - 6 EPISODES- 2016- Director- Scriptwriter- Announcer

•"ORDU KEŞFET!" - NTV - BEIN İZ TV-TRT - CNN Türk-2015- Scriptwriter- Announcer

•1 KAHİRE 2 MEYDAN - 2013 Artı 1 TV- Scriptwriter- Announcer

•“ZOR SEÇİM” Documentary (1 Episode) Al Jazeera – Producer- Director- Scriptwriter

•“THE CHILD MINDERS” Documentary (1 Episode) Al Jazeera World- Producer- Director- Scriptwriter

•“ASKIDAKİ HAYAT” Documentary (1 Episode) Al Jazeera – Producer- Director- Scriptwriter

•“BABAMIN İZİNDE; FİLİSTİN” Documentary (6 Episodes)–TRT Belgesel, TRT Arabic- 2012

Project Design- Scriptwriter- Producer

•“HAYATIM VE ŞEHRİM” Travel, Culture, Art, Biography, Documentary (20 Episodes) CNN TÜRK-2007-2008- Producer- Announcer- Scriptwriter

•Producer- Director- Scriptwriter

•Producer- Director- Scriptwriter

•“BAVULUMDA NOTALAR” Culture - Art-Documentary – (20 Episodes) TRT Müzik- 2010

Scriptwriter- Announcer

•“ALİ’YE SAYDILAR BİZİ” Documentary (13 Episodes) - TRT Belgesel- 2011- Scriptwriter

•“GEMİLER VE LİMANLAR” Documentary (2Episodes)–TRT Türk-2011- Scriptwriter- Announcer

•“ULU OZANLAR” Documentary (13 Episodes) TRT Müzik- 2010- Editor

•"UZAKTAKİLER" TV8, Travel, Documentary (150 Episodes)

•"IRAK SAVAŞI ÖZEL" TV8, Documentary (2 Episodes)


•HAYATI BELGELEYENLER Program-(100 Episodes) TRT Belgesel- Announcer- Editor

•BİR ŞEY - ARTI 1- Scriptwriter

•MUCİTLER ve İCATLAR Program (20 Bölüm) TRT – Announcer

•5 KERE 5 (2 seasons, weekly, live, ife-style) NTV-2008 – 2009- Producer- Editor

•MÜZİKONET Program (13 Episodes) –TRT Müzik- 2011- Scriptwriter-Editor

•AH ŞİMDİ ORADA OLMAK VARDI - TV8 Travel (30 Episodes)- Director-Scriptwriter- Announcer (Weekly Overseas Trip Program)

•MUTFAKTA ŞENLİK VAR Studio- (13 Episodes) SHOW TV- 2004- Project Design, Editor

•GECENET - BRT (Canlı - 20 Episodes)- Announcer

•AĞZI OLAN TARTIŞIYOR - Star TV -(30 Episodes) 1999 Announcer (with Ebru Keser)-Studio

•DEVRİYE News Reality - (About 150 Bölüm) KANAL D 1994-1999- Editor- Announcer- Reporter

•KAYIP ARANIYOR News – Reality (20 Episodes) ATV 1993- Scriptwriter- Reporter

•KATİL KİM? News–Reality (20 Episodes) ATV 1993- Scriptwriter- Reporter


•NTV NEWS -2010- Reporter

•STAR NEWS- 2001- Reporter


•MİLLİYET 1999 – 2001- Reporter - Columnist

•SABAH – 1993- Editor

•YENİ ASIR 1990 -1992- Foreign News Editor


She has been a guest writer for many magazines such as Artı Haber, Cosmopolitan and Vouge. She prepared special news files for the digital broadcasting Al Jazeera Turkish Magazine.


•KIZLAR VE BABALARI Book (Biography) – 2011

•TÜRKİYE’DE SESLER VE DANSLAR Book (Culture) – 2008- Author


•BİLGİ University, Media Communication Systems 2008-2009, Lecturer


•TÜRKİYE GAZETECİLER CEMİYETİ- 2000, “The Best Journalist” Research Field

•HÜRRİYET GAZETESİ, ALTIN KELEBEK – 1996, “The Best Reality News Program- Devriye”

•MAGAZİN GAZETECİLERİ DERNEĞİ – 1996, “The Best Reality News Program- Devriye”

•Sweeden Government, European Union Journalism Education Scholarship, 2001, Stockholm


•2002 Sofia, Bulgaria – Skopje, Macedonia


•Muzipo Kids' "stay at home" video prepared for the coronovirus outbreak.


•2020 – She is currently a scriptwriter and presenter in the Nextstop series of mini travel documentaries produced for SunExpress Airlines' social media.

•2019 Aralık- Coca Cola “My Sister” Project Director, Writer in Social Media Promotional Film

•Some examples from the Zoo to municipalities, from cultural and artistic promotions to the food industry.

•Script writing for documentaries and promotional films prepared by Abis Yapım, which can be found at the links below:







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