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Dr. Ayşe Karaçizmeli, with an over ten-year’s academic background in several universities in Turkey and abroad, is interested in consumer behaviour and consumption culture. Her studies are mainly on the relationship between the individual and material consumption. In this project, although she is expected to contribute to other outputs as well, Dr. Karaçizmeli is generally responsible for the digital memory output. Dr. Karaçizmeli’s methodological expertise is on qualitative research methods. She has used research technics such as oral history, depth interviews, historical methodology and visual data analysis. At the digital memory output, oral history studies and depth interviews are important elements for data collection. At this basis, her methodological skills are thought to be helpful for the related output while working with the elderly. Also, her academic experiences will be helpful since she has applied visual data collection and photo-analysis in her doctoral dissertation and in other qualitative studies.

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